White Collar Defense and Internal Corporate Investigations 2017-02-24T00:06:25+00:00

Nearly half of our attorneys have served in the United States Attorney’s Office or the office of the Federal Public Defender, bringing a wealth of experience to their white collar defense and corporate investigations practices. Throughout their careers, our attorneys have successfully defended clients in SEC investigations and lawsuits, conducted international and national investigations of corporate frauds, and won significant courtroom victories in securities fraud cases. Examples of representative matters include:

  • Secured settlements for the former chief executive officer of the nation’s one-time largest mortgage originator in lawsuits filed by the SEC, former shareholders, and investors in mortgage-backed securities who alleged securities fraud and insider trading.
  • Represented an investment bank in connection with an SEC investigation into the structuring of synthetic collateralized debt obligations.
  • Represented a commercial bank in connection with an investigation by the New York Attorney General into the bank’s foreign exchange practices.
  • Defended a broker-dealer against fraud and other charges brought by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.
  • Represented a television network in a grand jury investigation relating to the content of broadcasts that allegedly depicted harm to animals.
  • Represented a Fortune 10 company during a U.S. Department of Labor investigation into alleged violations of statutorily mandated health benefits.
  • Defended the manager of a TV news station and supervisory employees of an explosives manufacturing company in two separate Occupational Safety and Health Administration homicide investigations.
  • Conducted internal and international investigations into frauds committed by executives employed by domestic and multinational companies, and defended the resulting securities claims brought by shareholders and government entities.
  • Advised and counseled some of the nation’s largest banking institutions in disputes with borrowers and asset-backed insurers relating to unpaid loans and insolvencies. Disputes ranged from domestic litigation between banks and major borrowers arising from underwater real estate loans to international litigation over loan portfolios covering resort properties in the U.S. and throughout the world.
  • Represented two U.S-based international banks against claims of Vietnamese citizens who held deposits in those banks when Saigon fell and the banks’ assets were confiscated by the Communist government.
  • Represented an investment banking firm in litigation and appeal relating to licensing requirements for the sale of a business.
  • Served as counsel to the Brunei Investment Authority and related entities in cross-border litigations stemming from Prince Jefri’s management of Amedeo Group.
  • Engaged as counsel for the Bank of China in civil prosecutions in Australia, England, Hong Kong, and California to recover funds stolen during an internal fraud scheme.
  • Represented the Republic of the Philippines in worldwide actions to recover assets, in the aftermath of the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos that the Marcos family had secreted in the U.S., France, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.
  • Represented all of the executive vice presidents and senior vice presidents of Indymac Bank during a criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California and parallel civil investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Represented a former senior officer of Countrywide Bank who was being investigated by the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California for insider trading.
  • Represented the senior vice presidents of New Century Corporation during investigations by the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, bankruptcy trustee, and the SEC.